The procedure of the certification process

If you appreciate , to apply the Premium label-natural and organic cosmetics label on your products, the following procedure must be followed:

  • First you have to become a member of Premium label see contact form
  • Then you will receive the access to all necessary documents
  • you send us your product application (INCI only)
  • you can employ your own certifying body in your area. But if you are looking for a certifying body checking your product for compliance with our standard, Premium label helps. A list of certifying bodies is available on request
  • You send us the conformity-certification signed by the certifying body
  • We grand official permission, to take advantage of the Premium label in advertise and on your compliant products
  • no yearly certification procedure (saves you money in comparison to other labels)
  • free of charge use in the first year, resonable costs in the following years: 50 EUR/product, maximum 1.000 EUR (from product number 21 on free of charge)

The procdure to become a licence-user of the Premium label-quality-label is simple, fast and reliable. We are looking forward, to serve you