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clean beauty label standard

clean beauty label


ICADA quality label „Clean“


Modern consumers are no longer satisfied with natural cosmetics and the natural origin of cosmetic raw materials, especially since it became known that natural raw materials can also have a toxicological profile and endocrine disruptor properties. Consumers today expect “harmless” and “non-toxic” cosmetic products (which they always have been) not only for themeselves but also for the environment

To fit modern consumer`s more rigorous demands, it is not sufficient anymore, to offer certified natural cosmetics labeled products and pay for label-licenses. Media and interested stakeholders proclaimed the new product era of more rigorous

  • „clean beauty“
  • „clean products“
  • „clean cosmetics“

The trend is in the world and rolls out.

This more strict product category is coming just in time for some cosmetics companies, because on July 1st, the technical document of „claims regulation 655-2013“ became effective and made advertising with

  • „free from…“

almost impossible. Therefore a new product category covering all „free from…“ claims is very welcome. We do not share this attitude, but we try to avoid worse excrescence by publishing the 1rst global clean cosmetic standard.

Health and well-being, safety and sustainability and of cause „free from animal testing“ are now the keywords in focus. The interested consumer buys products that contain no critically considered raw materials and expects animal welfare. Therefore the conscious consumer informs himself in the web about „critical raw materials“ and resulting products that comply with this quality requests.

Health and well-being, safety and sustainability and, of course, “free from animal testing” are now the focus. Interested consumers buy products that do not contain any critically considered raw materials and they expect animal welfare. Conscious consumers therefore find out more about „critical raw materials“ and the resulting products that meet these quality requirements on the Internet.
ICADA wants

  1. To save consumers wasted time searching „clean beauty-“ or „clean products“-cosmetics on the thousands of websites listed
  2. to avoid Babylonian confusion because everybody has a different vision of „clean“
  3. to avoid that this hidden „free from…“ trend leaves the scope of serious cosmetics
  4. to avoid “white-washing” (© ICADA)
  5. to support serious companies

The  ICADA-teamleader has proceeded the same way like he did 1997, when he generated the first global natural cosmetics-standard. He has done it again and generated the first global quality-label „clean“ and the corresponding strict standard.

„Clean“ stands for formulations avoiding substances from the ICADA blacklist here. If products are clean by avoiding the raw material on the ICADA blacklist, we invite companies, to follow the very simple procedure procedure and register here cosmetic raw material or cosmetic products

  1. with an uncomplicated registration form
  2. with low costs: annual 50 EUR/product

and to take advantage of the global trend enforced by the ICADA premium label.


The ICADA standard „clean“

All cosmetic products not using substances from the ICADA blacklist can be granted the license to use the ICADA quality label „clean“, when registered here. Label users only have to confirm that no substance of the blacklist (click here) has been formulated in the product by submitting the product INCI (no expensive certification process or costs, no disclosure of formulas). In addition, a written confirmation will be required that the registered product does not contain any substance from the ICADA blacklist.

The ICADA blacklist

We have collected nearly 5000 positions of controversial discussed raw materials on the  ICADA blacklist. We confirm, that we do not share the qualifications for a blacklist, as the case of parabens compared with natural cosmetics ingredients proofed. Anyway, if none of these raw materials is applied in the labeled product, the product is qualified for the licence to use the quality label „clean“.

The ICADA blacklist is a dynamic list and is kept up to date. Please contact us at mail[at]icada.eu, to inform us about

  1. substances that also belong on the blacklist
  2. substances that do not belong on the blacklist

along with peer reviewed literature that documents your opinion.

Licence fees

The label licence is free of charge in 2019 and costs for every following year 50 EUR per product. ICADA charges only 20 products (maximum 1.000 EUR) Each additional product is free of charge. Membership is mandatory.

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