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Microplastics in cosmetics

Microplastic pollutes the oceans and endangers the environment for humans, animals and plants. Ethical claims resulting from the ICADA natural label are therefore an obligation for us to work against microplastics. The problem is complex and certainly not solvable with a single step alone.

For example, in 2017 ICADA consulted with the then Minister of the Environment, Dr. Hendricks and complained that little action was taken by the ministry and the false claim about the cosmetics industry is made by the ministry. The EU Commission, which has decided in January 2018 on a comprehensive project against microplastic pollution, is exemplary. The details can be found here. Thus, the end of arbitrary definition of „liquid microplastics“ with the aim of advertising-rich headlines is foreseeable.

ICADA has decided, however, to take all steps possible for a cosmetic association to reduce the microplastic problem. Although microplastic peeling grains and replacement of nylon in decorative cosmetics are only part of the problem, we would like to praise all the companies that are taking the first step in avoiding microplastics with ICADA and who voluntarily exclude microplastic peeling grains in their cosmetic products. ICADA is committed to take every step that is possible for a cosmetics association to actively prevent microplastics, and welcomes every suggestion.

ICADA is preparing to set up a foundation for the removal of plastic waste from the world’s oceans.

The following companies have reported not to use microplastic peeling particles.


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