Our basic mission

  • global protection and promotion of Natural and Organic cosmetics-philosophy
  • competent global voice in all natural raw material and finished products issues
  • global definition of Natural and Organic Cosmetics to end the label-jungle caused by incompetent decision-makers of the initial phase (see draft here)

Special issues

Many natural and organic products (even certified and labeled) contain substance under discussion. We represents these issues at the EU commission and national authorities and defends them to avoid ban or restriction. (which other association does?)

  • endocrine disruptors („hormone) see list
  • natural microplastic raw material in certified natural cosmetics (by intention not by contamination)
  • nanomaterial in certified natural cosmetics by CPR-definition
  • naturtal complex substances, now discussed und the MOCS-issue: no general assessment of all component, but special cases like thyme, sage +