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Bio active controlled natural cosmetics effectiveness (Natural Cosmetics 4.0)

The new generations of consumers are returning to the real reasons for buying cosmetics: care of the skin, maintenance of good skin condition and reduction of skin malfunctions. Modern natural cosmetics experts therefore do not limit themselves to the distinction between pure natural cosmetics and „near-natural“ cosmetics or the subtleties in the differences in the fee labels on the products. These do not make any statements about the product quality with regard to effect, effectiveness, appearance and care character possible.

When developing new products, modern natural cosmetics experts naturally make use of traditional knowledge about plants and can complement this with findings from basic research in natural products chemistry, advanced analytical methods, knowledge about the influence of natural substances on skin structure and skin functions, worldwide raw material sourcing, modern manufacturing technology and comprehensive quality control in order to develop innovative natural cosmetics products. So there is far more knowledge available for modern Natural Cosmetics 4.0.

Thus, modern natural cosmetics with nature’s extensive active ingredient resources, of which more than 45.000 natural substances from secondary metabolism have been known and identified to date (Irchhaiya 2015), offer an infinite range of active concepts for innovative natural cosmetics that, when used professionally, are far superior to the limited selections of conventional cosmetics.

The international manufacturers‘ association ICADA will raise the awareness of the manifold options of modern natural cosmetics and the real reasons for the purchase of natural cosmetics such as efficacy against skin disorders, skin care and maintenance of good skin conditions in the market, in commerce, in the media and in the consumer, so that high-quality products are no longer made equal by emphasizing the fee label alone, are even rejected by the trade due to the lack of a fee label or are ignored due to ignorance of the quality distinguishing features. Individual quality should be appreciated again and high-quality products should not be reduced to the purchase of a fee label.