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Natural and organic cosmetics

Increasing limitations of raw material variety in natural cosmetics

If you follow the restrictions of possible areas of application of natural cosmetic raw materials as a result of Annex I EC No. 1223/2009  there is a disproportionately high disadvantage for natural cosmetic companies. ICADA has already made concessions to the EU Commission in connection with Annex I, but the unproblematic use of natural, harmless raw materials is still not certain. ICADA invites all natural cosmetics companies to participate.

Sunscreen protection

The EU sun protection recommendation from 2006 means serious effects on the choice of natural cosmetics on which affected industrial companies have not commented with the help of assertive industry representatives. The advancing decline in the potential of natural cosmetics can only be stopped with a joint lobbying work at European level. ICADA is committed and asks for information on all topics and problems that interest you.

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